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Livin' Lavish RP Economy, you make your money and you hold on to it with your life. Making money legally with jobs or illegaly with drugs, imports, and gun battles; anything to go get that new custom car in the dealership. It aint easy out in the streets, LSPD is equipped with luxury cars and the criminals are equipped with a urge for violence.

During the Lavish Apocalypse, lost and alone in Los Santos you must fight and survive through waves of Zombies! With limited supplies, you must travel, and explore to survive. Find loot boxes, abandonded custom cars, weapons, and more!

Special Features

Online CAD System

Each resident of Los Santos must create a State ID in the CAD system. This is a system to keep track of players, licenses, vehicles, and general police communications. Players will accumulate records, charges, and arrests for police officers to see.

Friendly and Helpful Community

Friendly RP is the best RP, play the scene, it doesn't matter who wins; just have fun! Many helpful staff members, players, and sections on Discord designated towards new players looking for some help. Don't hesitate to contact staff members for problems.

Custom Cars Of all Kinds

Lavish has a wide variety of custom vehicles! Sports, SUVs, super, sports classics, imported and even cop cars; We have it all! Available in seasons that are released every couple of weeks are new cars for every price range.

Server Rules and Discord Rules

These are the rules for the Lavish Economy server and for our discord, please read and follow the rules or you will face consequences such as kicks, bans, etc.

Economy Server Rules

  • If EMS revives you then the death rlie DOES NOT apply. You can still RP and still be arrested.
  • No defalit characters, change at clothing store or in the vMenu.
  • No fail RP of any kind, if it doesn't happen in real life, its fail RP!
  • No suicide rp, animal rp, nsfw rp, etc.
  • No racial, derogatory, or homophobic conversations/terms.
  • Never attack or kill someone without engagement its considered fail RP.
  • Must have a working microphone.
  • Must speak English as this is an American server!
  • Do not verbally abuse or harass others.
  • Never be disrespectfli or rude to anyone, this 110% includes staff members.
  • No VDM, love taps are fine, flil speed running someone over is not realistic, in any situation.
  • NO TELEPORTING during RP or any kind of interactions or jobs.
  • Limit the use of the vMenu while near others.
  • Do not exceed 200MPH in the streets of LS.
  • Do not cop bait.
  • Do not curse or spam chat, be respectfli and use /ooc for out-of-character conversations or questions.
  • Do not hack, mod, or abuse any of the server features. You will be caught and banned!
  • No websites or links in chat.
  • Do not go off-roading or take stunt jumps, in 98% of situations this will be considered fail RP.
  • Do not go AFK for long periods of time.
  • If in a whitelisted job always go off-duty before doing any illegal activity.
  • Do not mic spam or yell into your mic.
  • Do not hold grudges towards others. If you die, move on...
  • Do not shoot at EMS, they tryna save lives!
  • No police impersonations.
  • Do not log out during an interaction or RP situation, you will be temp-banned.
  • Listen to staff members and ranked members.
  • Do NOT abuse macros or any program/software or you will be banned!
  • If your outside of a robbery when police arrive you are NOT a part of it. This is considered fail RP.
  • Use common sense, everyone can have fun together!

Discord Server Rules

  • Do NOT use any discord commands in General!
  • Don't be disrespectfli
  • Use the appropriate sections for general conversations, help, etc.
  • Do not tag staff members
  • No channel raids
  • No foli language
  • No voice chat channel hopping
  • No annoying, loud or high pitch noises
  • Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible
  • Message only in the appropriate category, no offtopic messages
  • Absolutely no discord server or any other types of advertisements, you will be AUTO REMOVED
  • No malicious links
  • No spamming of ANY kind
  • Do not abuse any power
  • Be polite and curtious. If someone needs help, help them.
  • Look through the FAQ/Help and Server Feature list before asking questions like how do I get money or how do I get a license
  • No metagaming or ghosting
  • Do /rlies ingame for the server rlies
  • No sexually explicit nicknames
  • No content 18+ unless it is in "random stuff"
  • No trolling or publication of any personal information
  • No bot commands
  • No memes and/or gifs in General, only in "random stuff"
  • Ask for help in the "help" section or report bugs in the "bugs for cash" section
  • Use common sense



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Contact Us

For help visit out help section on discord otherwise it will be a good idea to DM any available staff member for help. Otherwise email me and we will try our best to get back to you.

Email: support@thelavishlifestyle.com